Monday, May 11, 2009

Easter Celebration

This is quite a late post. But, it is better than never I reckon.

The long weekend for Easter celebration gave me an opportunity to play with Kimi much longer than usual since Australia celebrates Easter Monday, making a 4-day long weekend. Aside from attending the Filipino mass during Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday and dining out with the entire family on Easter Synday, we were not able to get out of the house much since Kimi got sick and it was drizzling.

In one of our plays, Kimi pretended to be a mail man. He was walking around with a shopping bag across his shoulder and showing off to everyone. He loved it that he even stared at himself on the mirror. But, he looked more like a little shaolin than a mailman. Would you agree?

On Easter Sunday after mass, the entire family dined out at Five O. While I was ordering, Kimi walked around trying to get the attention of the girls on the next table. He was successful enough that the girls said hello and asked for high-five. After about 15 minutes of waiting and laughing at Kimi, we were alerted to get our order at the counter. 'Twas the cheapest yummy steak, lasagna, and potato wedges with chilli sauce and sour cream that we had -- in short value for your money. Kimi just so loved his wedges without the skin.

Before going to bed, Kimi still had time to open his Easter gifts. He just enjoyed tearing the wrapper and smiling at the camera. He also tried to put on his bunny ears from Ninang E. Isn't he cute?

Next year, we will bring Kimi to an Easter egg hunt or probably have our own egg hunt with friend's kids.