Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Word Phrase!

I love you Nanay Tatay! Yes, Kimi said that. He is starting to build phrases and sentences on his own whether Filipino, English or combined Filipino and English. I realised the big improvement after seeing again his videos taken in November 2009 when we were setting up the Christmas tree and train. He was just mumbling then when trying to communicate. He had a few clear words but most of the time he could not find the right words to say or how to say it properly. Right now, there are still some unclear words which will improve as we talk to him more. Note, not baby talk. Real talk about what he observes, what he did, what he feels, and what he wants to do.

There are times that I really get surprised with his statements that keep me speechless. The incident a couple of weeks is a classic example. We were already late for his day care. I was rushing and asking him to cooperate so I can put on his shoes. He obliged. After asking him to stand up and head to the car, he exclaimed out of the blue, "Good job Nanay!" I laughed so hard. I'm supposed to be saying that. Oh well, I can't complain.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The busy baby turned 2!

We have not been home since I migrated to Australia and our family in the Philippines has only seen Kimi through photos and videos so we decided to visit and have an advance 2nd birthday celebration for Kimi. I was not intending to have a big 2nd birthday party. But since it will not be a usual case for him to celebrate it in the Philippines, I asked my siblings to arrange one for him. I was initially undecided on the party theme. I was looking at several venues - swimming pools, play centres, eat all you can restaurants and fastfood chains. A friend suggested Jollibee. The mere suggestion sparked good memories at Jollibee and I wanted Kimi to experience it as well.

I looked for Jollibee's youtube videos and showed them to him. Kimi liked him instantly especially his dance! Actually, I wasn't surprised. On the day, Kimi couldn't take his eyes off Jollibee. He showered him with lots of hugs and kisses as if he had known him for ages. His joy was priceless. Worth every penny paid. The host was great, the crew were pleasant, and Jollibee was really fantastic with his dance, making the kids and the kids at heart enjoy and strutt. Talagang at home sa Jollibee.

Kimi's 2nd Birthday Jollibee 07

Kimi's 2nd Birthday Jollibee 09 Kimi's 2nd Birthday Jollibee 10 Kimi's 2nd Birthday Jollibee 08

more photos here

To our family and close friends, thank you for celebrating with us. It was great catching up even for a limited time.

To God, thank you for giving Kimi to us and for always guiding and blessing our little family. You are our lucky charm in our journey downunder.

To Kimi, we still have a lot of fun things to do. Tatay and I are just grateful that we can now hug you everyday and marvel at the rate you're growing. Always be happy 'beesy' baby!

PS: Thanks to our friends - Jay Perth Llave, Diana Dig, and Jordee Queddeng for the photos. Sa uulitin!