Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cut it short, please!

Since I came to Sydney then moved to Geelong, I have not had a haircut until a week ago. It was the first time I had not had a haircut for longer than a year. If my mom had not told me that I look more mature, I would not have had my hair cut. But, I have actually been thinking weeks before if I should really have it cut.

First, I am apprehensive of the style of cut they do here especially the less expensive ones, those that charge less than $20. A friend, trying to spend less, got a haircut for $10 on the "specials" day. It was too bad that she had it re-done after a few days and spent $10 more. Second, I don't know any decent, "reasonable" salon in Geelong. I know, I should have asked my former colleagues at my previous work, they were having a haircut at least once in 2 months so probably they can refer me to their hairdressers. But, the shy side of me did not bother to ask since I have not seen them for a couple of months now. I felt too awkward to ask where I could have my haircut. So, I planned to have it cut in Sydney in early August where my husband's relatives go. But, we ran out of time. There were more important things to do and it was difficult to fit all of them in just 1.5 days. Darn! I was left with no choice but just leave my hair long.

When I forwarded my son's photos to my mom, she phoned to tell me my son is so cute and that my hair so long that it makes me so mature. She actually discussed about my hair longer than she discussed about my son. Imagine that? So, I felt the urgency; I don't want people to tell me that I already looked "losyang" after having a baby. I went to a salon in town to have it cut. When the girl asked what I want, I said, "Cut it SHORT and layered, please." She asked, "Are you sure? It's already long." I answered back, "Yes, cut it short, please."

For whatever reason, styling your hair, cutting it short gives a certain level of satisfaction. I can't blame girls who just broke up with their significant other resort to doing something with their hair. It's that sense of sudden satisfaction that warms the heart.

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