Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Good Way to Meet other Moms

I was looking for a music school for Kimi about 2 weeks ago when I came across Kidspot. It is a website offering mothers different articles on being a mother, a wife, and a woman. It has loads of information from pregnancy to the different stages of baby development - toddler, preschool, and school age. There are also several tools that you can utilise such as pregnancy journal, ovulation calculator, due date calculator, kid's activity finder, baby name finder, etc. And, of course the feature that attracted me most making me go back and regularly visit the site is the Kidspot Social. It gives me a chance to communicate with other mothers who share the same passion and think of what is good for their babies.

The groups inKidspot Social gives me the space to share and learn more about the culture and ways of life in Australia. It offers me an idea how other mothers are coping with child rearing and what activities keep them preoccupied when they give up their full-time job to look after their kids. It also gives me a chance to gain new acquaintances whom I can share my thoughts and hopefully develop into good friendships.

If you are a mom like myself, you might like the site too! See you there and let's explore!

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