Sunday, March 28, 2010

5 Word Phrase!

I love you Nanay Tatay! Yes, Kimi said that. He is starting to build phrases and sentences on his own whether Filipino, English or combined Filipino and English. I realised the big improvement after seeing again his videos taken in November 2009 when we were setting up the Christmas tree and train. He was just mumbling then when trying to communicate. He had a few clear words but most of the time he could not find the right words to say or how to say it properly. Right now, there are still some unclear words which will improve as we talk to him more. Note, not baby talk. Real talk about what he observes, what he did, what he feels, and what he wants to do.

There are times that I really get surprised with his statements that keep me speechless. The incident a couple of weeks is a classic example. We were already late for his day care. I was rushing and asking him to cooperate so I can put on his shoes. He obliged. After asking him to stand up and head to the car, he exclaimed out of the blue, "Good job Nanay!" I laughed so hard. I'm supposed to be saying that. Oh well, I can't complain.

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