Monday, October 18, 2010

Eye Along the Shore

Geelong Giant Ferris Wheel

This is the Giant Ferris Wheel along the waterfront of Geelong, the biggest one on the Southern hemisphere. It was set up in time for the 2010 UCI Cycling Road World Championships. During the visit of our friends, Mark and Rose, in Oct 2010 we had the chance to ride this big wheel after a walk along the beach. I was not planning to since I am not so comfortable with heights. Who is? But, I can't say no. They already bought us tickets without our knowing. It was Kimi who was all giddy happy with the idea. He was always attracted by its beautiful changing lights of blue, green, pink, red, orange and yellow that every time we drive past it he puts on his sweetest smile and points to it.

Kimi went straight to the maze-like path to the entrance, almost dragging my hand. There was no long queu that I used to see in roller coaster and ferris wheel rides in Manila. Our group of 5 adults and 1 toddler was attended to straight away and was seated in one carriage. Once we were seated, Kimi screamed with laughter, however, when the wheel started moving, he kept quiet and held on to me like I was a steel he could depend on. My knees wobbled and butterflies moved in my tummy. Everyone was screaming when we got to the top. I wanted to close my eyes, but, no, the sight of Geelong was too good to miss. I managed to look down and sideways and it was just marvelous.

Another wonderful experience for my little man.

Update: The ferris wheel was removed on 26 April 2011 after the Easter long weekend.

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