Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Lost in Oz?

If you are a new migrant in Australia and have no access to GPS, is the way to go in getting instructions on how to reach your destination. They are now providing landmarks together with the turn-by-turn instructions either by foot or by car.

But, if you are using public transport in the state of Victoria, I recommend that you check Metlink Melbourne before travelling to plan your trip and get instructions on how to go to your next destination. It includes bus, tram, and train schedule, turn-by-turn instructions when you need to walk, and, of course, a leg and stop map.

In case, you're heading my way, let me know so I can prepare a cuppa!

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  1. hello lalei! nice of you to drop by my blog, i haven't updated in a while really caught up in a busy week.

    let's keep in touch! take care!