Thursday, August 6, 2009

My Shoes Please

As I have mentioned before, Kimi finds it difficult to speak yet. He is still babbling words we can't figure out and is using actions, gestures and all body language he could think of for us to understand him. He understands us pretty much though and follows our instructions, in both English and Filipino, most of the time especially when it favours him.

This is very evident a few days ago. When I came home, I found Kimi looking and waiting at the screen door while hubby is fixing something outside. He could not get out of the house and run after his Tatay (means father) since the screen door is locked. Had it not been locked with a key, he could easily open it by tip-toeing and slowly turning the door handle. I was really amazed when I first saw him do it a week ago. I was both proud and worried, though. Proud because he uses strategies to get what he is after and he doesn’t stop practising until he gets things right. Worried because he can easily get out of the house.

To continue, he was all smiles seeing me approaching. He probably knew that he could persuade me with his big hugs and masarap na kiss (sweet kiss) to carry him outside and see what Tatay was doing. He reached out his hand as if asking me to carry him. I did not. Instead, I stoop down and opened my arms wide. He showered me with big hugs and his masarap na kiss. After a few minutes, he was tugging me towards the screen door – a strong indication that he really wanted to get out. I still did not carry him.

I noticed that he was wearing only one of the pair of his squeaking sandals. So, I gave him instructions to get the right shoe and give it to me. I said the instructions a couple of times in both English and Filipino to make sure he grasps both language. As usual, he quickly followed. I motioned him to stand still while I was telling him that he should wear the other pair. I knelt down, put the other shoe near his right foot, opened the strap and asked him to put his foot inside the shoe. With not much thinking, he eagerly followed and lifted his right foot while trying to balance himself. He could not lift it too far though. After trying a couple of times to no avail, he suddenly just sat flat on the floor without looking what his bum might hit. It happened so quick that it made me have a good laugh while putting on his shoe. He was really in a hurry to go out.

I walked him to the door and watched him while he happily inspected Tatay’s work. The less than 10 minutes hullabaloo made me realise something. (1) Kids are really funny. And the more important, (2)Kids even without speaking are great negotiators. They can get things their way if you let them.

Oooopss... I must be warned!

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