Monday, September 14, 2009

All Day Sneezing!

Yeah, hay fever hit me. I was sneezing at work most of last week including the weekend. My eyes were itchy like there were little grains inside. I can't even control myself from rubbing my eyes, which a colleague from my AIM days strongly discourage. She says it can bring in the wrinkles. Sorry Mia I really can't help it. My head felt really heavy too and my nose was really stuffed.

This is my 3rd Spring season and I still had not figured it out myself that I could get hit by hay fever, which is rarely experienced in Manila, until my driving instructor pointed out that my symptoms were hay fever and not something else. He was right. One tablet of Telfast 120 did the work. Straightaway, I felt relieved without feeling drowsy.

For new migrants and tourists coming over during Spring, hay fever is one that you need to be prepared for especially if you have allergy history. Stay away from areas with high pollen count as this triggers the allergens. Bring with you an anti-hay fever tablet or anti-histamine so you will always be ready if you have an attack. It can save you from ruining your day and vacation.

How I wish I am not prone to allergies but I am already thankful that my son does not have it.

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