Monday, September 21, 2009

Saturday breakfast

I asked Che to walk along Pakington and have breakfast in one of the cafes as well. He was hesitant. He must be feeling a tad lazy that day so we ended up staying at home. My enthusiasm for a nice, quiet weekend was still high so I proudly announced that I would prepare a cafe-style breakfast for the 3 of us. Nothing really special -- just bacon, sunny-side up, bread and strawberries -- apart from a little bit of presentation, which I don't normally do during our regular meals as I am usually strapped for time. It may not look as mouth watering but the little presentation made a difference to our meal, psychologically.
Kimi was giggling while he ate from his own plate. I am not sure though if it’s because of the presentation, the taste of the bacon or because of the new plate as he has his little bowl during regular meals. Che was contented with the photo opportunity and the sunny side up for his bread. I was happy with what I’ve come up even if it is nothing compared to those in cafes and restaurants. It’s enough that I was able to reminisce the home economics class in high school with Mrs. Maralit and Mrs. Valdez. I remembered I used to bring some of my mom’s cutlery and tableware to class for the food presentation. Once we have set-up our veggie garden for a steady supply of herbs, I plan to garnish and "decorate" our food a bit from time to time to release my usually dormant artistic side and make meals something different again.

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