Friday, December 18, 2009

Early Christmas

I received a great Christmas gift early December. My permanent residency was already approved! Time flew so fast that I did not notice I’ve already been staying in the regional area for almost 3 years now.

Getting a state-sponsored temporary visa to migrate was not as bad as others might think. The state and the local council are supportive to get you started and established. In Geelong, there are state-funded programs to assist you in adjusting to the Australian labour market from re-writing your curriculum vitae the Australian way, to understanding the work environment, to equipping you with new skills highly in demand in Australia if needed. In addition to that, the program officers of Diversitat and the City of Greater Geelong are really lovely ladies. Special thanks goes to Anita and Manon!

Most people I meet are warm and nice, always ready to give you a smile and ask how your day was. Workmates are great and will go out of their way to help. I have a few workmates who gave us a few furniture and assisted us in picking up bulky items. When I need a lift, my workmates are more than happy to pick me up and drop me off. The local Filipino community in Geelong is also a big plus. They made us feel welcome and assisted us substantially in settling down. They became our family here. And of course, Filipino gatherings bring us back a bit to the Philippines.

Landing the first job is the hardest first hurdle . But once I had the local experience under my belt, everything else fell into place. Yes, there are bigger challenges along the way. But, life wouldn't be as sweet without them.

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