Friday, March 9, 2012


Six weeks ago, Kimi received a letter in the mail. Tatay did not actually think that the mail was for Kimi because the letter was addressed to M. J plus our family name. I had to tell him that it was for Master Joachim!

Tatay handed the mail to Kimi, who was already excited to open it. This is not the first time that he received letters from the mail. Thanks to Lego Club for sending him his first mail, which is the photo below.

Lego Club Mail

Tatay and I were really curious as to who sent him the surprise mail. It was our general practitioner's clinic! They are greeting Kimi a happy birthday (a very advanced one) and gently reminding us that his 4 year old immunisation is due soon.
Immunisation Mail
I really appreciate the reminder. It is very beneficial especially to very busy families. If we were in the Philippines, we wouldn't receive any reminder and we even have to pay for each immunisation. Down under, child immunisations are free and we even receive an immunisation allowance of $129 after the 18 month immunisation and another $129 after the 4 year old immunisation from the Family Assistance Office.
I was surprised that they have to provide incentives to encourage parents to immunise their kids. I believe that it is a responsibility of the parents and they don't have any reason not to do it as they are being administered for free.  But, don't get me wrong, I would gladly receive it still.

Time to book that vaccination now.

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