Friday, October 23, 2009

Beat the Price

Smallville Season 7 was advertised at $25 in Big W so we went there on the first day of the sale. Unfortunately, there is no stock left. I asked the sales assistant if it was only a printing mistake since there are heaps of the other seasons still on the shelves but not even a small room to display Season 7. He confirmed that the sales brochure was correct but there was nothing left. He suggested that we go back few days after to check.

I was really disappointed as I was really waiting for it to go on sale. I suddenly remembered that K-Mart might be able to match the price like what they did for a friend's Corelle set. We head over to K-Mart armed with the Big W brochure. I thought even if we didn't get the DVD at the sale price, I would still be happy as I would be able to get a few things I'm eyeing in K-Mart's brochure like the Pyrex set and 3 pillow pack that were on sale.

I got a copy of the Season 7 from the shelves and when I was paying for the other things I'm buying, I politely asked if they can match the price offered at Big W for the Smallville Season 7. I handed the brochure to the cashier and after a couple of minutes of talking to her supervisor, she happily replied that they would match the price. I was one happy shopper as I really did not expect it.

It's true. K-Mart will beat competitor's price.

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