Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Office Surprise

During morning tea, which I usually take at my desk, my manager asked me if I was busy as the other section of our business unit invited us for their group meeting's morning tea. I enthusiastically replied, "Not really. I can continue this report in a while."

There were fish and chicken fingers, meat pie, fried dumplings and other finger foods plus cakes. I was enjoying the fish and chicken fingers and a little chit-chat when our business unit’s manager came back from somewhere and started his spiel. I initially thought he is going to announce something related with the business unit’s recent restructure. My mind turned 360 degrees from enjoying the fish and chicken fingers when I heard the word “driving.” I just felt it was about me so I started laughing especially when he said that in the past few weeks there’s drama (a favourite Aussie word) happening in a little corner of the office over getting a driver’s licence. To make me laugh even more, he even enumerated the different instances I failed the exam. It was hilarious.

To congratulate me and acknowledge my perseverance, he picked up the contents of a small bag and explained each of them before handing to me: card (not just an ordinary congratulations card, but specifically for passing the driving test) for their messages, a little horn to honk, a first aid kit when I ran into something, and a box of chocolate to appease me when I get speeding tickets. How funny and thoughtful was that?

Something like this is what make employees happy and in effect stay. I find it really sweet and thoughtful as the flexible schedule we have at work to attend to the driving exam is more than enough incentive. The effort and gesture of coming up with this despite of my supervisor and manager’s busy schedule both at work and at home really touched me.

Who would not like to work for such a supportive company with lovely managers?


  1. Anonymous8.11.09

    Wow! How sweet! Lucky you have very thoughtful colleagues. -carla

  2. congratulations!!! nakakaaliw talaga ang Aussies, every little thing they celebrate hehe ;)

  3. That's so sweet of your co-workers. And congratulations! I don't know how to drive and I'm thinking of adding learning how to drive to my New Year's resolutions next year. Lol!

  4. awwwww... hangkyut naman