Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fishy, fishy where are you?

How we spend our free time has really changed over the past two years. The environment including my migration from Manila to Australia has a big factor on that change. We are now into having picnics, strolling at the park and waterfront, and just a few days ago hubby tried his hand in fishing. We were invited by family friends to go to Rippleside Park, which is a further walk from the Western beach and still part of the whole stretch of the Corio Bay. While the boys had gone fishing, the ladies and the kids played and cooked sausages and rissole. It was lots of fun. Kimi loved running on the grass and raising his hands at the same time as if trying to reach the blue sky. He also loved the sand pit in the nearby playground, reminding me to bring a small bucket and a shovel next time.

When the sun started to set, we followed the dads at the jetty. Hubby proudly showed me his first catch ever (and only catch for the day). The fish, a whiting I think, was bigger than I had imagined. Took some photos and went home to feast on his catch. Not bad for hubby's first fishing experience, you think so? Well, let's consider the fact that there were lots of ducks and pelicans at that time.


  1. same here lalei, our (my husband and I) life has changed so much since we moved here.

    sometimes when we reminisce about our good ol dating days in the phils, we say "the good thing about living here is that we don't go to the malls often." there are more places to go to now that we live in australia. and more outdoor activities as this country makes you want to commune with nature instead of just hang out in malls and cinemas.

    happy fishing!!! (our friends have been inviting us to fish...maybe soon we can join them). :)

  2. Hi Ibyang! We also rarely go to malls these days, unless we need to. We'd rather have a picnic and laugh with friends or enjoy a lazy weekend at home.

    They say fishing is therapeutic and stress reliever. I still have to find it out myself as I am only happy if I catch a big one! Share your story when you get the chance to join your friends. I'm sure you'll have fun.