Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spending Weekend

Our house is only a 7 minute-walk from the Geelong waterfront. The walking and biking trail from the Western beach to the Eastern beach spans about 4 kilometres. Actually, it is very convenient to enjoy a walk and the scenery when we do not feel lazy. Last weekend was one of those days. With Kimi around we will definitely have more!

The sun was up and it was not so cold. Yes, a good sign that spring is coming. The grass is green with yellow wild flowers in bloom -- a delight to see along the edge of the walk path. It was very tempting to pick the flowers. In fact, little girls walking past were usually carrying a bunch, happy and contented with what they got.

The walk including pushing Kimi on his pram was not tiring. We only had a leisure walk, nothing heart pumping unlike others who went there to exercise and sweat. Upon reaching downtown, we went straight to Westfield for lunch at a Japanese fastfood and snagged a Sylvester Stallone's Rocky movies collection. I am not a big fan but for $37 for 6 movies, I made hubby smile and reminisced those days I watched action movies with my Tatay and brothers.

It is another quiet weekend full of chuckles and cuddles.

NB: We managed to see the 6 movies in less than 24 hours. :D

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  1. awww..lovely lovely photographs lalei :)

    a great weekend indeed.