Monday, August 31, 2009

Handling Nerves After Child Birth

All my life I believed I am good at handling my nervousness until I did my driving exam recently at the age of 30. (Yes, I was late to realise that I need to drive as it was not necessary for me before migrating to Australia as I could easily catch a public transport anytime of the day in Manila.) However, the loudness of my heartbeat during the test feels defeaning. My blood is pumping so fast. I can't control it as good and smooth as I controlled my nerves during exams, oral presentations, and job interviews in my life before being a mother. I tried singing softly to myself to control it but it did not work as I expected. The

After 3 attempts at it with silly mistakes I have never done while I do regular driving practice, I am thinking giving birth might have an effect on how I handle my nerves now like how child birth affected my memory -- I have no scientific basis for this though just a gut feel. Having realised this, I have to take double efforts to conquer my nerves and put my memory and reaction back to what they were before.

But, in the meantime, I will not stop until I get that licence as I know I can safely drive without the nerves. It's good learning from my instructor the other day that I can actually talk during the exam as long as I don't engage him and the testing officer in a regular conversation. Hopefully talking works next time. We'll see.

How about you? How do you cope with nerves? I might learn a few things from you.


  1. Hi Lalei. I saw your posts at femalenetwork. naka-relate ako sa'yo konti kasi i just came here 2007 din and i'm due to give birth march next year. i was wondering if we could x-link? i'd like to know more about how you dealt with pregnancy and child care. my url is:
    i'll add your url to my blog roll too. also, try listening to mp3 songs u like to calm your nerves. i've been having these panic attacks lately. i try llistening to relaxing music or my fave songs to calm my nerves. it's working for me. ;0

  2. Thanks Cess for the tip! I was listening to classical music a lot when I was pregnant and couple of months after the pregnancy especially during sleep. I probably should do it again.

    Will surely link you up. Whereabouts in Australia are you?

  3. Sydney Northern Suburb kami ni hubby. I was also learning how to drive before I got pregnant before ni-stop ko nung nabuntis ako. Madalia akong mahilo, baka masukaan ko pa instructor ko..Hehe.. Baka after I gave birth saka ko ulit resume. :)